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[October 27th, 2017]Hello:    As anticipated, we are pleased to announce the mailing for the ratification vote of the new collective agreement proposal has occurred today.   Delivery of ballots/envelopes will occur during the week beginning October 30, 2017. If you have not received your ballot/envelope by end of day on Thursday, November 2, 2017, please send an email...

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[October 13th, 2017]Kindly refer to the link below to view the PowerPoint presentation of the National Tour: /images/uploads/16636821941507907272.pdf

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[October 12th, 2017]Kindly refer to the link below for important information : /images/uploads/13824921801507836253.pdf

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Our Constitution



Constitution and By-Laws


Article                                     Subject Page

1                              Name and Branch Structure                                        1

2                              Objectives                                                                     1

3                              Membership and Dues                                                 2

4                              Branch Officers                                                            2

5                              Duties of Officers                                                         2 & 3

6                              Branch Representatives                                               4

7                              Meetings                                                                       5

8                      Rules of Order Governing the Conduct at all Meetings  6 & 7

9                              Nominations and Elections                                              7 & 8

10                            Honorarium and Expenses                                              9

11                            General By-Laws                                                             9 & 10

12                            General                                                                           10

13                            Protection of Association                                                11

Association of Postal Officials of Canada

Ottawa District Branch

Constitution and By-Laws

Article 1 - Name and Branch Structure

a)         The name of the Branch shall be known as the: Ottawa District Branch

b)         It shall consist of employees classified in the Postal Operations Supervisory Group in the following offices covered under the certificate issued by the Public Service Staff Relations Board in 1967 and any subsequent certificate issued to the "Association".

1)   Arnprior 2)   Ottawa (Head Office) 3)   Carleton Place

4)   NCR (C&D)          5)   Ottawa (Plant)                              6)   Cornwall

7)   Pembroke             8)   Petawawa                                     9)   Hawkesbury

10) Renfrew 11) Perth 12) Brockville

13) Smiths Falls 14) Sales / Serve Ottawa

c)         As the word "gender" may or could be mentioned in the following By-Laws, it shall be construed to cover the "gender" as applicable.

Article 2 - Objectives

a)         To obtain improvement in the financial position and working conditions of Postal Officials by all legal means available.

b)         All members should be given the opportunity to attain and improve supervisory skills by being provided with adequate and sufficient training and developmental assignments.

c)         To obtain and vindicate the rights of the members and to promote their best interest.

d)         To maintain and improve the efficiency of the Postal Service.

Article 3 - Membership and Dues

a)         All officials of Canada Post whom are eligible by law can become a member of the Association.

b)         All members are required to pay an initiation fee of five dollars ($5) for which they shall receive a membership card, as well as a copy of the By-Laws.

c)         Monthly dues are payable according to the Rand formula and shall be set by the National Convention except when an additional amount is established by the members.

d)         To be a member in good standing, a member must appear on the monthly check off sheet published by the National Office. (Subject to Article 3 - b)

e)         A majority vote from the members at regular meetings is deemed necessary in order to declare the suspension of any member who:

1)         Refuses to conform to regulations

2)         Causes serious prejudice to the Association

3)         Is deemed guilty of notable misconduct

4)         Directs injurious remarks or accusations towards a member of the Association

Article 4 - Branch Officers

"Part" of the Executive Committee of the Branch shall consist of the following:

1)         President

2)         Vice-President / Grievance Officer

3)         Secretary / Treasurer

Article 5 - Duties of Branch Officers


The President shall be recognized as head of the Branch, presiding at all regular and special meetings. He shall cast the deciding vote in case of a tie on any matter being voted on and shall supervise the work of all committees and all Executive Officers and shall appoint all committees not otherwise provided for.

He shall ensure all meetings are called in accordance with provisions of the By-Laws (Article 7a) and 7c)). He shall sign all official documents on behalf of the Ottawa District Branch. Every effort shall be made to visit each office at least once during his term in office.

Vice-President / Grievance Officer

The Vice-President / Grievance Officer shall assist in the performance of the duties of the President and shall discharge the duties of the Chair when called upon to do so by the President and shall assist in maintaining order while occupying his office of Vice-President / Grievance Officer. He shall be involved in aiding the President in all operations of the Branch. He shall also be responsible for all representations on behalf of all members. Take lead and prepare all grievances to be put forth in a timely matter.  Keep all necessary documents and any other paperwork associated with the grievances.

Secretary / Treasurer

The Secretary / Treasurer shall have charge of all correspondence. Correspondence addressed to the President, Secretary / Treasurer, Chairman or committees, shall be forwarded to the Officer concerned. He shall receive and file pertinent Orders or Bulletins issued by Canada Post Corporation. He shall record the minutes at all General and Special Meetings. The writing and keeping of all minutes shall be in such a manner that ready reference is easily obtainable. He shall post all notices for Regular and Special Meetings notify all Executive Officers by writing or by other means of all Executive Meetings. He shall forward to the President for signing, all documents concerning the business of the Branch. At the termination of his office, he shall turn over all records of the Branch in his possession to his successor. The Secretary / Treasurer shall eject any member at a meeting ruled by members present to be abusive or obstructive. He shall allow no one but members to enter unless authorized to do so by the Chair and shall receive the names of those attending and keep record of such attendance.

The Secretary / Treasurer shall receive all money and deposit it to the credit of the Ottawa District Branch in the authorized account of any financial institution approved by the Executive Committee. Two signatures are required on all cheques. The President, Vice President / Grievance Officer, and the Secretary / Treasurer are the authorized signing officers of the Branch. Payments over one thousand ($1,000.00) will be submitted to the Membership for approval at a Regular General Meeting prior to payment.

The Secretary / Treasurer shall not issue any voucher or cheques in payment of any amount without an invoice and authorization for payment must be duly recorded in the minutes of a General Meeting. No expenditures exceeding one thousand ($1,000.00) will be authorized during the months of July and August unless such payment is authorized at an Executive Meeting attended by at least five (5) members of the Executive.

The Secretary / Treasurer shall present at the General Meeting in February an audited financial statement of accounts. Whenever required by the Executive or by the auditors, he shall produce any books and vouchers in his keeping belonging to the Branch.

The Secretary / Treasurer shall at Regular General Meetings validate members in good standing (Article 3 d) and make report to any Election Committee of the eligibility of any member wishing to stand for office (Article 9 c) 9 i)).

He shall keep an inventory of all assets belonging to the Branch.

Article 6 - Branch Representatives

a)         "Part" of the Executive Committee shall consist of the following:

1)         Representative Mail Processing Plant 

2)         Representative NCR-C&D & Outaouais

3)         Representative Sales / Serve Ottawa & East LA (Local Area)

b)         Duties of Branch Representatives

1)         They shall be part of the Executive of the Branch, and shall attend all Executive Meetings when called to do so by the President of the Branch.

2)         The Ottawa District Branch Representatives shall strive at all times to increase the strength and prestige of the Branch.

3)         Contact all new Members coming into the Branch and obtain a completed application for membership card and forward it to the Secretary / Treasurer of the Branch.

4)         Shall assist to resolve grievances or other matters of interest to the members who he represents.

5)         Shall make representation on behalf of the members within his responsibility.

6)         Shall protect and uphold the contract within responsibility.

7)         Shall make a report to the Branch President in writing of any and all complaints received and action taken, and shall make recommendations for the need to follow up on grievance process.

8)         Shall inform the Secretary / Treasurer of any death, illness of a member or of a member's family.

9)         Shall assist the President and the Executive of the Ottawa District Branch in all matters related to their perspective areas of responsibility, as determined by the Executive Committee.

10)       The positions of Branch Representatives shall be by democratic elections. The positions for Branch Representatives should be filled by persons working in the appropriate area or section of representation, (i.e.: C & D Representative from   C & D)

Article 7 - Meetings

a)         Regular Meetings of the Ottawa District Branch will be held each month, except in the months of July, August, and December (Article 7 c). At the discretion of the Branch Executive, one meeting may be held in an East LA office of the District Branch during a two (2) year term. Any meeting may be cancelled or postponed by consent of the Executive Committee.

b)         An attendance record shall be kept of all Regular and Special Meetings.

c)         The President and / or Executive Committee shall be empowered to call an Emergency Meeting.

d)         The Membership of the Ottawa District Branch shall be notified at least one week in advance of the date of a General Meeting or Emergency Meeting.

e)         Seven (7) members shall constitute a quorum for all General Meetings which must include two (2) members of the Executive Members present.

f)          If a meeting fails to reach a quorum, the meeting shall count for attendance purposes.

g)         The Executive Committee may declare an office vacant and call for a by-election for the following reasons:

1)         The Member in question failed to discharge his duties in an acceptable manner.

2)         In declaring a position vacant, the Executive Committee must have a recorded vote of all its Members with a clear two thirds (2/3) of the votes in favour of censure.

h)         The order of business at all General Meetings will consist of:

1)         Minutes of previous meeting

2)         Business arising out of the minutes

3)         Correspondence

4)         Secretary / Treasurer Report (Financial)

5)         Committee and /or Consultation Reports

6)         Old Business

7)         New Business

8)         Election of Officers and / or Delegates

9)         Adjournment

Article 8 - Rules of Order Governing the Conduct at all Meetings

a)         The Chairman shall not take part in debates while in the Chair, but should he desire to do so, shall call upon the Vice-President / Grievance Officer or any member to act as

Chairman, and will speak from the floor. To regain the Chair, the Chairman will make a formal request to the presiding Chairman.

b)         The Chairman shall decide all Points of Order and every member must take his seat when called upon to do so by him. Any member questioning the ruling of the Chairman may make his appeal at the meeting.

c)         In every case the ruling of the Chairman must stand as judgement of the Branch unless overruled by the members present.

d)         Upon first rising to address any meeting, a member must give his name and state his area of work.

e)         Members must stand to address the Chair or to speak to a motion.

f)          No member can speak more than once (1) to a motion except the mover, who also shall be allowed to close the debate.

g)         The Chairman shall state every question coming before the meeting and immediately before it is put to the meeting shall ask: "Are you ready for the question"? Any member who replies "No" must immediately state his reason(s) when requested to do so by the Chairman.

h)         No member shall be allowed to speak to any motion or move an amendment after the Chairman has put the question to a vote.

i)          No member shall be allowed to speak for more than five (5) minutes on any question, except in case of a duly appointed Chairman of a committee or a delegation making a report.

j)          Notwithstanding rule (i), any member who has not previously spoken to a motion may move that a speaker be granted a further three (3) minutes, if the motion to extend is passed by the meeting the mover will surrender his own right to speak to the motion or amendment under discussion.

k)         A speaker will not be interrupted except on a point of order.

l)          The Chairman at his discretion may allow ten (10) minutes or less of free debate, but if no motion is brought forth, the meeting will proceed to the next item of business. Other than this no discussion is in order until there is a motion before the meeting.

m)        Any motion must be seconded before it can be debated by the meeting. If no seconder is found, the meeting will proceed to the next item of business.

n)         An amendment to a motion requires a seconder before it can be debated and must be related to the motion. In the same way a sub-amendment, (an amendment to the amendment) requires a seconder and must be related to the amendment. A sub-amendment debated must be dealt with before a further sub-amendment can be moved.

o)         In all cases where a motion has been amended, the Chairman will call for a vote on the "Motion as amended". He shall read the amended motion to the meeting before the vote is taken and the motion finally disposed of.

p)         Motion to change the Regular Order of Business or to suspend the rules, requires a two third (2/3) majority vote from members present and is not debatable.

q)         A motion may not be withdrawn without the consent of the meeting. The motion to withdraw can only be moved and seconded by members who have not previously spoken on the original motion.

r)          When the presiding Chairman has stated that a vote now be taken, it requires an immediate vote and it is not debatable.

s)         Next Business: A motion to proceed to the next item on the agenda is not debatable and can be moved and seconded only by members who have already spoken to the motion under discussion. If the motion to proceed to the item succeeds, the motion under discussion will be listed as unfinished business on the agenda for the next meeting.

t)          The Rules of Order shall be consistent with those of the National Constitution. In all matters not regulated by the Rules of Order, Bourinot Rules of Order shall govern, but nothing contained in the Bourinot Rules of Order may be construed as to supersede or alter these Rules of Order.

u)         Proxy Votes are not acceptable. All matters not regulated by these Rules of Order will be decided by a vote of those in attendance, simple majority will rule.

Article 9 - Nominations and Elections

a)         Nominations of Officers shall take place at the October General Meeting.

b)         Three (3) members who do not intend to run for office will be elected at the October General Meeting to become the Election Committee.

c)         To be eligible for election, a candidate must have attended six (6) of the Regular General Meetings from October to September, excluding Special and Emergency Meetings. Attendance eligibility includes members transferred from other locals, providing suitable proof of attendance is submitted.

d) It will be the Election Committee's responsibility to see that every member has had an opportunity to cast a ballot when such balloting is done by mail or at Regular General Meetings.

e) It will be the responsibility of the member who has not received a ballot five (5) days prior to an election to inform the Election Committee. (If voting by mail only)

f)          A National Officer should not hold any office in this Branch.

g)         The Secretary / Treasurer shall notify all eligible nominees before the 1st day of October.

h)         All nominees must signify their willingness to stand either at the time they are nominated or by letter to the Secretary / Treasurer if they are unable to attend the Nomination Meeting.

i)          The Term of Office for all positions will be for two (2) years.

j)          Elections for Executive Officers shall be as follows:

Odd year’s                                         Even years

President                                             Vice-president / Grievance Officer

Secretary / Treasurer                                     Sales / Serve & East L.A Representative

Mail Processing Plant Rep.                NCR & Outaouais Representative

k) The report of the Election Committee must be tabled immediately following the vote.

l) Choice of Delegates to National Conventions will be based only on attendance to

Regular General Meetings between Conventions, except for the President.

m)        An Audit Committee of three (3) members with a minimum attendance of three (3) Regular General Meetings for the Branch year shall be nominated and elected once a year.

n)         An election shall be declared null and void if any of the provisions of these By-Laws have not been complied with.

o)         Officers shall be "Sworn In" following their election.

p)         All officers assuming office in this Association shall take the following oath:

"I do hereby, sincerely pledge my word and honour to perform my duties as an Officer of the Association of Postal Officials of Canada, Ottawa District Branch. I will attend, when able to do so, all Meetings including Executive Committee Meetings of which I shall be a member, and at the end of my term of office, I shall turn over to the Ottawa District Branch or my successor all properties or funds in my possession that belong to  the Branch".

Article 10 - Honoraria and Expenses

a)         Any member authorized to act on behalf of the Ottawa District Branch will be reimbursed for all expenses allowed by the National Constitution, or :

1)         When suitable public transportation is not available, a member may use his private vehicle and will be entitled to a mileage allowance. This allowance is for one vehicle only and not payable to each person unless he uses his private vehicle. Mileage rates are based on the APOC National rates per km.

2)         Hotel accommodations will be paid upon presentation of receipt, and a per diem will be paid.

3)         He shall be reimbursed his regular salary whenever on leave of absence without pay or utilizes paid vacation on behalf of the Branch, whichever is the least cost to the Branch.

b)         Executive Officers who shall receive a prorated honorarium are to conform to Canada Post / APOC Collective Agreement in force. The honorarium is expressed in percentage of the maximum annual salary of an OP Level 1 (OP1) supervisor. The percentages are as follows for the Branch:

President                                                                     set at 5 %

Vice- President / Grievance Officer                           set at 4%

Secretary / Treasurer                                                 set at 4%

All Branch Representatives                                        set at 1.5%

c)         Any member of the Executive Committee missing Regular General Meetings without a valid reason shall be deducted one ninth (1/9) of the honorarium per meeting missed. If a meeting is missed by an Executive member due to being on Canada Post Corporation business then that member will be credited with attending the meeting.

d)         Honorariums will be paid monthly by the National Secretary Treasurer out of our National office.

Article 11 - General By-laws

a)         Any member of the Executive absent without good reasons in the opinion of other members, for three (3) consecutive Branch and / or Executive Meetings shall be retired and his office filled at the next General Meeting according to the procedures governing a vacancy on the Executive.

b)         The report of the Audit Committee shall be prepared and tabled for the Regular General Meeting held in the month of February.

c)         The term of all elected Officers shall be from the 1st of January to the 31st of December, for a two (2) year term.

d)         The Branch year is always from January 1st to December 31st.

e)         The Executive Committee is authorized to send upon the death or illness of a member or immediate family appropriate recognition.

f)          The Executive Committee is empowered to authorize payment of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) without approval of the General Meeting.

g)         Any account in excess of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) must be first approved by the Executive Committee, then by the General Meeting.

h)         Out of town members attending meetings shall be suitably reimbursed by the Branch.

i)          The signing officers will be the Secretary / Treasurer, President, and the Vice-President/ Grievance Officer.

j)          All cheques in payment of Branch accounts must be drawn by the Secretary / Treasurer and countersigned by the President or the Vice President / Grievance Officer.

k)         All amendments, additions or deletions to these By-Laws require a notice of motion given in writing at the previous meeting and a two thirds (2/3) majority vote by the members present at the Regular General Meeting is required before such amendments, additions or deletions can be implemented.

l)          All members must be supplied with a copy of all notices of motion at least one (1) week prior to the Regular General Meeting at which time it is to be discussed by means suitable to implementation by the above.

m)        A copy of the By-Laws of the Ottawa District Branch duly attested by the President and the Secretary / Treasurer shall be issued to each member.

n)         A vacant position on the Executive Committee shall be filled by a member in good standing by the Executive Committee, requiring two thirds (2/3) majority consent.

Article 12 - General

a)         Dormant correspondence may be destroyed after a period of one (1) year.

b)         Financial and audit statements for current and preceding years to be retained. Older records may be destroyed on recommendation of Audit Committee.

c)         Committees will be created as the need arises.

Article 13- Protection of the Association

b)         In regards to charges against Members the following shall apply:

Notwithstanding Article 11a), any member of the Branch presenting a charge against any other member, or Officer, or the Branch must submit such a charge in writing over his signature to the Executive Secretary / Treasurer for presentation to the Executive. The Executive's decision shall be final unless appeal is made to the next General Meeting.

c)         In conjunction with article 9 (Elections) every two years the newly appointed Executive Committee shall review the Ottawa District Branch Constitution and By-Laws. The foregoing By-Laws were approved by the General Membership Meeting and duly attested by the Executive Committee.

(Note: The names below represent the Constitution Committee for 2009)

Denis St Georges

President                                                         _____________________________

Ottawa Branch                                                President’s signature

Francisca Pacheco

Secretary/ Treasurer                                      _____________________________

Ottawa Branch                                                Secretary / Treasurer

David Clendinning / Michael Rog

Constitution and By-Laws Committee            _____________________________

Ottawa Branch                                                Committee Member’s signature


Committee Member’s signature